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Permian Basin 18-Wheeler Accident Statistics

The booming oil and gas production in the Permian Basin comes with a cost: a
shocking increase in tractor-trailer accidents. The staggering rise in 18-wheeler crashes has led to U.S. Route 285 being
nicknamed “Death Highway.”

With the rapid increase in oil and gas extraction in the Permian Basin, it has
been challenging to meet the demand for commercial truck drivers. Hundreds of
inexperienced drivers have been hired, minimally trained, and set loose to
operate massive vehicles weighing 80,000 lbs. on the highways and roads in the
Permian Basin. The statistics reveal the facts:

  • The Emergent Group reports that in just two months, 2,106 accidents were
  • The Winkler County Sheriff’s Office reports that crashes in Ector County in
    2018 reached a staggering 5,170, almost double the number in 2016.
  • In the Odessa district, accidents rose 67%, with fatalities up 97%.
    Commercial vehicle accidents rose 160%, and commercial vehicle fatalities

If you or a loved one has been injured, or you lost a loved one in a truck accident in the Permian Basin, it is critical that you get legal representation from an experienced personal
injury lawyer in Texas. Our team at Sorey Law Firm P.L.L.C. can help. We urge
you to contact us immediately for a free case evaluation.

Profits or Human Life?

Texas has gained incredible wealth from the boom in the oil and gas industry in
the Permian Basin. The quest for profits is understandable; the problem lies in
a lack of attention to ensuring the safety of people living, working, and
visiting the region. Vehicle inspection campaigns on 18-wheelers in the Permian
Basin, performed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), reveal an
underlying problem, contributing to the high numbers of injuries and deaths:

  • DPS inspections were performed on 3,548 commercial vehicles.
  • 2,414 of the commercial trucks inspected received at least one citation.
  • 1,187 of the trucks were in such poor mechanical condition they were taken
    out of service.
  • 275 drivers were taken out of service.
  • 8% of the drivers did not have a commercial driver’s license – the Texas
    average is 1%.

Who Is Liable for These Crashes?

After a semi-truck crash, an accident investigation must be conducted to
determine how and why the crash occurred. It is necessary to identify the party
or parties responsible for the collision. The liable parties may include:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking firm
  • Oil or gas company
  • Truck maintenance firm
  • Truck loading firm (sand, pipe, equipment, etc.)
  • Truck parts manufacturer
  • Truck safety system manufacturer (tires, brakes, hydraulics)

After catastrophic or fatal injuries, the victim or close family has the right
to pursue compensation. These cases are complicated, as there are often several
liable parties. At Sorey Law Firm P.L.L.C., we are dedicated to pursuing justice
for the injured and for families who have lost a loved one to an 18-wheeler. Our
qualifications include:

  • Our firm’s founder, R. Daniel Sorey, has ten years of experience in law
  • Sorey worked at a nationwide plaintiff’s firm for many years, where he honed
    his trial skills, conducting trials in five different states.
  • Our practice is focused exclusively on personal injury law.
  • We provide individual, client-centered legal services.
  • We will travel to meet with you if you are unable to come to our Longview
  • All cases we take are on a contingency basis – no fee unless we win.

What Types of Damages Are Paid in 18-Wheeler Accidents?

The value of the compensation you can recover will vary, based on the types of
injuries you sustained and the work or abilities you lost. Compensation may be
recovered by your lawyer negotiating a settlement or trying a case in front of a
jury in civil court. Generally, the damages include:

  • Economic Damages: The costs associated with medical care,
    including doctor and surgeon bills, hospital bills, loss of income from
    work, lost earning capacity, costs of long-term nursing care, medications,
    transportation, and other financial losses.
  • Non-Economic Damages: These damages are paid for pain and
    suffering and emotional anguish, with specific amounts for the impact of
    disfiguring injuries, loss of limb, or the long-term effect of traumatic
    brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries (SCIs), etc.
  • Punitive Damages: In some cases, a trucker or company’s
    gross negligence or wanton recklessness may allow you to ask for punitive
    damages. These damages are intended to punish the responsible parties and
    deter others.

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